They always tell you that evil happens in the dark. That it hides in the shadows, or waits until the last lazy bits of sunlight retreat to the promise of a new day. That those hours between twilight and dawn would be when the monsters come out, and we would have to hide in fear. After all, the night is when the monsters hunt.

And there were some monsters in Redbridge that preferred the cover of darkness, make no mistake. Tendon and firepower and instinct and dark arts all converge in well hidden corners, waiting for the next easy target, the next hunt, the next piece of meat. Redbridge was not a forgiving city to unsuspecting prey.

Which is why those monsters hunted at night. They knew the truth: they were no more predator than their victims. Because real predators didn’t hunt at night.

Real predators didn’t care what time it was.

They ate when they were hungry.


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